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The Ringing Centre – A Modern Teaching Facility

Learning to ring church bells is a structured process that begins with a number of sessions for you to be competent at ‘handling’ a single bell, progresses to joining in with other ringers, and then moves on to ringing more complicated “changes” and “methods”.

We have recently established the Bletchingley Ringing Centre and installed up-to-date technology, based on computer simulation and CCTV which can assist learners at all these stages:

·      With the CCTV you can see your bell rotating and better understand how it reacts to your  handling of the bell rope.

·      With the simulator, you can learn to match the speed of your bell’s rotation to that of the  other bells that you are joining in with.

·      The “sound” from the simulator matches the sound and timing of the actual bells, so that  you can learn to “strike” your bell exactly at the right time in relation to the others.

·      It can be used for basic “rounds” or for practising much more complicated “methods” on  any number of bells.

·     We currently have the capacity to run up to four separate simulator sessions concurrently

We now use these facilities not only for teaching our own learners, but also for ringers from a number of other local towers and by visiting members of the Surrey Association of Church Bell Ringers.

There are regular monthly “drop-in” practices, held here on the second Saturday every month, that use the simulator and which are proving very popular. Anyone is welcome (ringers and non-ringers) to “drop-in” from 10.30am onwards to find out about ringing, or to practice their skills if they are an existing ringer. Do give it a try

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If you are interested in finding out more about bells and bell ringing, or even learning how to ring our bells and becoming one of the Bletchingley bell ringers, please contact :-

The Tower Captain - Ed Muller:
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Or for the Ringing Centre, Kate Wills:
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The Bletchingley Ringers are members of The Surrey Association of Church Bell Rringers. Their website has much more information about bells and bell ringing in Surrey.

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